#7 ***SOLD****(1×12, “Shou Shugi Ban” Japanese burned wood technique. mix of pine and birch, salvaged organ grillcloth, recessed handles)

#6 (1×12, salvaged maple from old table, handmade walnut handles, black and blue grill, clear casters. NOT FOR SALE, keeping this one for recording for now. Also, maple is hella heavy to ship)

#5 (1×12, salvaged walnut from a 100 year old table, handmade maple handles, black and blue grill)

#4 ***SOLD***** (1×12, salvaged oak (1940’s table), recessed handles with walnut accents, white metal mesh grill cloth)

#3 (1×10, Birch, salvaged organ grill cloth, vintage metal chevron handles)

#2 (same design as #1, Birch, blue fabric, blue acrylic handles)

#1 (Birch, blue fabric, blue acrylic handles)